Charity project in Ukraine


Who are the "Special Children" for whom we collect the "Box of Happiness"?

This is Svyatik, whose parents gave birth in order to get money.
This is Olya, who had no shoes in the fall and walked in rubber slippers.
This is Sveta, whom we washed in our bathroom and changed into clean clothes.

These are thousands more children from low-income, large, disadvantaged families who have never received Christmas presents in their lives, for whom this is a wonderful holiday - an ordinary day of the winter holidays.

What is the age of the children for whom we collect boxes?

From 3 to 14 years


How many boxes do you need to collect?

During the 10 days of the Christmas trip, the New Heights team covers 3,000 children. It would be great if we could collect 3000 boxes.


What is the deadline for sending the box?

It is desirable that all boxes be sent by December 25th, as we need to know how many gifts we already have. But the sooner you send - the better!!!

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Filling the box:

🧴 Hygiene items (towel, soap, brush, paste, napkins)
🧦Clothes (hat, scarf, gloves, socks)
👛Accessories (comb, rubber bands, hairpins)
✏️Stationery (pens, pencils, markers)
📚Books (children's Bible, coloring book)
🍭 Sweets
🧸 Toys
and other, at your re